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Application for grant of a Limited Licence

All applications for a limited licence must be lodged with Consumer and Business Services at least 14 days before the event's start date. The application must be accompanied by the prescribed application fee and required documents (as necessary).

If you are lodging an application less than 14 days before your event date you must read Advice to Applicants - Late Lodgement and Processing Times before you proceed.

Lodgement of your application does not mean your application will be granted. You will be notified of the outcome of your application to the address provided in your application. For more information about which type of Limited Licence you require, please refer to one of the Fact Sheets below.

Variations to limited licences may be made with the prescribed fee.

Limited Licence Fact Sheet - Non Licence Holders

Limited Licence Fact Sheet - Existing Licence Holders

Limited Licence Application Fees

To read more about Limited Licences click here

Lodge an Online Application

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